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03 May

Construction Safety Week – Be Present, Be Focused

Construction Safety Week – Be Present, Be Focused

Langston Construction is celebrating CONSTRUCTION SAFETY WEEK and OSHA NATIONAL STAND-DOWN TO PREVENT FALLS IN CONSTRUCTION Monday, May 3rd – Friday, May 7th.  For this week, Langston is providing our focused lessons for each day.

Mental awareness is critically important for workers to stay safe.  Mental distractions can rob a worker of their focus and lead to serious or deadly accidents.  It is critically important that workers watch out for each other and learn to recognize the signs of someone who may be struggling.  Being mentally focused on the job means being prepared, identifying risks, and knowing what to do in a crisis.  It’s not enough to be focused on the work and the task at hand, workers must be focused on their safety and the safety of everyone around them.  It is important that workers know there are resources available to help them be present and focused.







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