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26 Aug

Carolinas AGC and NC/SC AIA Finalizes Joint Committee Recommendations

Carolinas AGC and NC/SC AIA Finalizes Joint Committee Recommendations

Jim Roberts of Langston Construction Co. of Piedmont, LLC shared his best practices expertise with the Carolinas AGC and North/South Carolina AIA chapters for industry-standard subject items.

“The AIA Chapters/CAGC Joint Committees are another reason that your membership dues are one of the best investments you can make as a contractor. This group of dedicated professionals keep a pulse on various challenges that arise from both Architects and Contractors. They work diligently to find solutions that are mutually agreeable to both parties to provide the members a “best practices” guide on how to address what could otherwise be challenging situations. The updated JCR’s more accurately reflect both of our industries in modern times. We encourage all members bring potential challenges to CAGC representatives and committee members as the group is actively looking for ways to improve relationships between architects and contractors for the good of the industry.” Jim Roberts, Langston Construction Co.

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