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08 May

Safety Week 2019 Toolbox Talk – The 3 C’s of Safety

Safety Week 2019 Toolbox Talk – The 3 C’s of Safety

There are several “3 C’s of Safety”; there are even the 3 E’s of safety:

  • Commitment, Communication, Consistency
  • Choice, Culture, Communications
  • Care, Concentration, Caution
  • Compliance Safety, Carrier Safety, Common Sense Safety
  • Communication, Common Sense, Connection
  • Education, Evaluation, Enforcement


All of these C’s (and E’s) are extremely important.  At Langston Construction we consistently cultivate our commitment and care through our culture and communication, compliance, common sense and being SAFE BY CHOICE.

Langton’s 3 C’s are:

  • CARE about yourself
  • COURAGE to challenge co-workers, vendors and upper management about Unsafe Behaviors.
  • COURTESY to tell people who remind you about being safe that you appreciate that they care enough to tell you.


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