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03 Apr

Lean Construction Training

Lean Construction Training


Langston Construction has been facilitating Lean Construction Training to the Superintendent and Project Management teams.  According to the Lean Construction Institute, Lean Construction is “a way to design production systems to minimize waste of materials, time, and effort in order to generate the maximum possible amount of value.”  The training, taught by certified Lean Construction trainer, James Braswell, included four units: Variations in Production Systems, Pull-In Projection, Lean Work Structuring, and The Last Planner.

How Lean Design & Construction differs from other forms of project management:


  • Control is redefined from “monitoring results” to “making things happen,” with a measured and improved planning process to assure reliable workflow and predictable project outcomes.
  • Maximizing value and minimizing waste at the project level is the goal, versus the traditional practice of attempting to optimize each individual activity.
  • Value to the customer is defined, created and delivered throughout the life of the project, while traditional practice calls for defining requirements at the outset for delivery at the end, despite changing markets, technology and business practices.
  • Coordinating action through pulling and continuous flow, as opposed to the traditional, schedule-driven push which places an over-reliance on central authority and project schedules to manage resources and coordinate work.
  • Decentralized decision-making through transparency and empowerment provides project participants with information on the state of the production systems and empowering them to take action.


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