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12 Sep

Owner and Visitor Safety on The Job Site

Owner and Visitor Safety on The Job Site

Vice President of Operations at Langston Construction, Jim Roberts, spoke to the Water and Wastewater Management Groups for various Western North Carolina municipalities on the topic of “Owner and Visitor Safety on The Job site” at a training seminar held in Highlands, NC. Mr. Roberts was chosen to speak due to Langston’s unyielding commitment to safety and continued dedication to “Zero Unsafe Behaviors” on all Langston job sites.

The presentation outlined the following procedures and safety tips as well hazards that may be encountered at a job site.

  • Explained the proper procedures when arriving at the job site.
  • Showed examples of the different operations you may encounter.
  • Explained the different hazards associated with each operation.
  • Provided safety tips and protocols involved in each operation.

The seminar included presentations from several different firms with varying backgrounds each showcasing information beneficial to the continued education of municipal workers. The Town of Highlands Fire Department, Premier Water, and Mountain Environmental were a few of the other agencies making presentations at the seminar.

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